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About Japanese VISA

What do foreigners need to live in Japan?(STATUS OF RESIDENCE (VISA))
In order for foreigners to live in Japan, they need to obtain a Status of Residence (Visa). Currently, there are more than 30 types of status of residence (Visa). If the foreigner’s activities in Japan or his / her status in Japan match the status of residence (Visa) stipulated in the Immigration Act, the visa is granted. And the status of residence (Visa) for which the standard is set is required to meet the standard. In addition, the grounds for refusal to land in Japan have been decided, and it is also required that they do not fall under such grounds.

What is the flow of entry into Japan?(APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY)
The general flow for foreigners to come to Japan is as follows.
The agent for foreign nationals specified in the Immigration Act is to apply for a “Certificate of Eligibility” to the Regional Immigration Bureau and obtain permission. The “Certificate of Eligibility” is a recommendation letter from the Immigration Bureau to the Japanese embassy, stating that the applicant can be allowed to reside in Japan. This is the required document for the next step, applying for a visa at the Japanese embassy in a foreign country. If a visa is issued by the Japanese embassy to the foreigner, the foreigner will come to an airport in Japan with a passport to which the visa is attached and apply for a landing permit. If permission is granted here, the foreigner can finally land in Japan.

I want to stay in Japan longer than my period of stay. (APPLICATION FOR EXTENSION OF PERIOD OF STAY)
Almost all status of residence (Visa) has a period of stay, and foreigners are allowed to stay for the permitted period. If you wish to stay after completing the permitted period of stay, you must apply for “Extension of Period of Stay” within the period of stay. Applications can be made 3 months before the expiration date.

When my living situation in Japan changes.(APPLICATION FOR CHANGE OF STATUS OF RESIDENCE)
If you change your life in Japan after entering Japan, you may need to apply for “Change of Status of Residenceer status.”
For example,
① If a foreigner studying as an international student at a Japanese school starts working at a Japanese company,
② If a foreigner working for a Japanese company starts his own business in Japan,
③ A foreigner who has stayed in Japan as a spouse of a Japanese or permanent resident who has divorced and wishes to stay in Japan afterwards
These foreigners need to apply for ” Change of Status of Residence”

What is a permanent residence permit? (APPLICATION FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCE)
One of the status of residence (Visa) is permanent resident. If you can obtain this permanent residence permit, the period of stay will be indefinite, so you can stay permanently in Japan without “Extension of Period of Stay”
This status of residence (Visa) has no work restrictions, so you can work in any legal job. When you start a business in Japan, you can start under the same conditions as Japanese. In addition, the acquisition of permanent resident status has the advantage of increasing the social credibility and making it easier to receive loans from banks.

Takenaka office performs various procedures related to your status of residence (Visa). Takenaka office is also available in English, so please feel free to contact Takenaka office.



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