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Starting a Business in Japan

In order to start-up Business in Japan,in general, you are required to establish, register your company and obtain “Business manager” Visa unless you have a Visa based on the status or position in Japan such as “Permanent Resident”, “Spouse or Child of Japanese National”,”Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident”,and “Long Term Resident”.


1)The following is the basic flow of business start in Japan.

①Come to Japan with a “temporary visit Visa”.

②Find and secure a facility for the business (office,restaurant etc…).
(When you look for office, you also need to consider requirements of VISA and Business Permission)

③Create an articles of incorporation and establish a company .
(When you establish a company, you also need to consider requirements of VISA and Business Permission)

④Register the company at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

⑤ Report the establishment of the company to Tax office, local government, pension office.

⑥Apply and obtain “Certificate of Eligibility” for “Business manager” Visa.

⑦ Obtain Business Permission from competent authority when it’s necessary.
(Depending on the content of the business, business license ,permission ,report etc is required respectively to conduct business)

2)In order to obtain “Business Manager Visa”, the following requirements must be satisfied.

①Satisfying either a) or b), or a combination thereof
a)The scale of the business is over 5 million yen.
(In many cases, the scale of a company is proved by raising the capital of the company to 5 million yen or more)
b)employ two full-time staff.
(Japanese or foreign nationals with “status of residence”(visa) based on their status)

②An independent office(business facility) is secured in Japan for the business.

③Submit feasible business plan.

※If you want to get a highly skilled proffecional VISA, you must first satisfy the above requirements of business manage VISA, and you can get more than 70 points with the highly skilled proffecional point system. If you can prove that you will earn more than 3 million yen, you may be able to get VISA.




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